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Vermont Ski Lodge Architecture: The Hermitage Club’s Grand Opening

“I also want to thank our architects Bill Austin and John Guminak who designed this incredible clubhouse and Lillian Bogossian who provided the interior design.” Jim Barnes, President



The Hermitage Club threw a big party a week and a half ago (October 11, 2014) to show off the new base lodge to their members and guests. Serving as the flagship for the only private ski mountain on the East Coast, the 80,000-square-foot clubhouse fairly gleamed at the base of Haystack Mountain in Wilmington, Vermont. Over a thousand admiring and appreciative members and their guests packed in to see the towering timber-framed structure, designed by Austin Design in collaboration with John Guminak of JG Design Services.

Clad in red cedar siding with vast window walls looking up at the steep forested slopes and eastward toward New Hampshire, the warm cathedral-like interior welcomed the crowd in the chill October night, glowing high above the Deerfield Valley. As cocktails flowed and cadres of black-clad staff ¬†bustled about with trays of delightful hors d’oeuvres, conversations ebbed and flowed around the towering fireplace, its four-sided hearth sharing the comfort of the flames.

A special guest was eagerly awaited: singer/songwriter Rob Thomas came on stage at 9 o’clock and put on a fantastic and well-received show; backed with two other musicians, he performed many of his hits with Matchbox 20 along with some of his own solo material. All in all, the evening was a great success – we look forward to playing an active part in the flourishing of the¬†Deerfield Valley, creating the places for its residents and visitors to live, play, work, and learn. Austin Design: Architecture for Enjoying Life.

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