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Vermont Ski Living: Inside the Mountain House

Vermont Ski Slopeside Mountain House Houzz

We recently added our Vermont Mountain House to our profile on Houzz; it’s been getting some nice attention, as the project is a true showcase for master craftsmanship and attention to detail. Houzz is a popular user-driven building and remodeling inspiration site and has become wildly popular in only four years; the platform has over 15 million users monthly and a searchable database of over 2 million photos, contributed by more than 250,000 professionals as representative of their architectural and interior design work. Users – primarily current or prospective homeowners – browse the image collections, which can be filtered by room type, style, and geographic location, as they seek inspiration for an upcoming project of their own; these photos are collected into ‘Ideabooks’ which are in turn searchable by everyone else. The result is that these portfolio images are shared freely and repeatedly, with nearly 300 million repeat clicks at this point. All in all, the activity is a good reflection of the interests of those who are in the market for a residential architect or decorator in a particular region; we’re having fun joining in the community and discussions.

Vermont Mountain House Kitchen Houzz

The Mountain House, one of the custom homes featured in the Residential Architecture section of our website, was completed in 2007. Thoughtfully designed and constructed for an active family of six, who specifically wanted a retreat which would remind them of their times together living in Switzerland, the stunning home was featured in New England Home Magazine upon finishing. With innumerable custom fixtures, features, and individual furnishings handcrafted by Swiss artisans, the 7000 sf structure is a one-of-a-kind slopeside luxury residence: it nestles into its mountainside setting as if it has always been there, literally right on the edge of a big-mountain ski trail.

This world-class residence is now listed with Vermont Country Properties and Sotheby’s International Realty, as one might expect of a property of this caliber. John Redd, a long-time friend and business partner of Austin Design, is the agent for the listing and he has shared with us a video that was created to share the ambience and comfort of the Mountain House; it gives the viewer an inside peek at the wonderful wooded setting and the exquisite interior of this special place. Both grand and intimate at the same time, ADi is proud to have played a large part in its creation and happy to be able to invite you inside the doors!

Vermont Mountain House Office Houzz

    One thought on “Vermont Ski Living: Inside the Mountain House

    1. John Redd says:

      This is a unique house in a unique setting right on Mount Snow. The wood, stone and iron have been customized in very detailed ways, creating a special feeling inside and out. Working with Austin Design throughout the design and construction process was a pleasure!

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