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Accessibility figures largely in every project with which Austin Design is involved and we have completed many assignments dedicated specifically to this timely concern. Universal accessibility assures ease of use and quality of life for all, whether it is public use of a civic or institutional facility or aging-in-place in one’s own home. Designed to exceed the minimum requirements of code and law, ADi has particular and award-winning experience in this increasingly important aspect of architectural design.

Massachusetts Division of Assets Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)

2013, Consultant Services for Enhancing Accessibility to Facilities Statewide

Austin Design was selected together with Independent Living resources as consultant for an open, multi-project contract with DCAMM to conduct accessibility audits on existing and new public facilities and to provide technical assistance to DCAMM staff and design consultants during the design, contract document and construction phases. The contract is part of a re-invigorated effort on the part of DCAMM to insure that new state buildings are fully accessible when completed, and that a clear path toward accessibility is defined for existing buildings. Current projects include a campus-wide assessment of existing conditions at Quinsigamond State College and Access Audits for new science lab buildings at UMass Amherst and Fitchburg State. The work includes physical surveys, review of university policies and procedures, interviews with campus staff, preparation of reports, and preparation of findings and implementation procedures to DCAMM and individual facilities.

Bridgeport Public School, Bridgeport, CT

2004, construction costs; $2,000,000

Development of a Transition Plan for the Bridgeport CT Board of Education to resolve a civil rights complaint before the US Department of Education. The project was carried out under direct federal scrutiny.

Connecticut Statewide Battered Women’s Shelter Accessibility Survey

1997, construction cost: n/a

Surveyed shelters, safe houses and offices statewide for accessibility barriers and provided preliminary design solutions for barrier removal at several selected sites.

Delta Upsilon Fraternity House, Amherst, MA

2003, construction cost: $778,000

The DU house was destroyed by fire and ADi was engaged to provide a new design and to control construction services for the new 5200 square foot building. The design was challenging and required the juggling of tight zoning restrictions and a client who wished to maximize interior and exterior spaces. The final design is fully accessible and includes a new 3-stop elevator, 15 double-occupancy bedrooms, and accessible bathrooms and a basement gathering space.

Downtown Amherst MA Access Report

1993, construction cost: $890,000

An evaluation of Amherst Downtown Business District for identification of accessibility barriers and preliminary design solutions for eight target areas.

Echo Village Apartments, Amherst, MA

2005, construction cost; $3,000,000

Conversion of 30,000 sf of existing office space into twenty-four apartments. Emphasis has been placed on accessibility. In addition to two accessible units, all units are designed allow persons using wheelchairs to get into and around all the other units.

Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA

construction cost: $2.4 million

An ADA Compliance Study and Transition Plan of more than twenty buildings of a public college on a hilly site.

Freedom House, Holyoke, MA

1998, construction cost: $800,000

Preliminary Study for renovation of a turn-of-the-century brownstone apartment building in Holyoke to provide affordable short- and long-term housing for people with disabilities. This building is located close to the hospital and the YMCA, both of which provide health and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities.

Greenfield Community College Accessibility Study, Greenfield, MA

2008, construction cost: $439,000

Assessment of barriers and potential solutions in the North and South Wings, Annex and GCC Foundation; also served as access specialist on design team that produced a renovation/expansion of the College’s Core Building that has received an award from the MAAB and Boston Society of Architects for “excellence in access design of a public building.”

Mary Lyon Church & Ashfield Community Church, Buckland and Ashfield, MA

2002, combined construction cost: $170,000

Renovations designed with sensitivity to the historical significance of two churches to facilitate the installation of elevators, providing accessibility to all levels.

Massachusetts Statewide Battered Women’s Shelter Accessibility Survey

1996, construction cost: $3.5 million

Surveyed thirty shelters statewide for accessibility barriers and provided preliminary design solutions for barrier removal at 6 selected sites.

New Britain, CT Accessibility Study

1998, construction cost: $2.6 million

Study of city-owned property to identify barriers to persons with disabilities. The study included recommended order of priorities for structural and non-structural barrier removal solutions and construction estimates.

Orange, MA Accessibility Study

1996, construction cost: $450,000

Study of Town Hall and downtown business district to identify barriers to persons with disabilities. Included development of design solutions.

Palames Residence, Northampton, MA

construction cost: $400,000

Design of a 3200 sf house, embodying the principles of sustainability and universal design. This two-family house was designed for a client, who uses a wheelchair, living with his wife on one side of the house, and a separate yet open space designed to meet the needs of his 87-year-old mother on the other. The elements of universal design were integrated seamlessly into the overall design of the Southwestern style house. Building elements including the Arxx insulated concrete-form system, a high-efficiency radiant heating system, and an air-to-air heat exchanger: all contribute to an energy-efficient, extremely comfortable design.

Pheasant Hill and Wilbraham Crossing Access Study, MA

2011, preliminary construction cost estimate: $270,000

An access assessment of pedestrian environment, building entrances, parking and recreation areas at two large HUD-funded mixed-generational low- and moderate-income housing complexes.

St. Andrews School Accessibility Study

1997, construction cost: $270,000

Campus wide study, including 20+ buildings, to identify barriers to persons with disabilities. Includes development of design solutions and construction estimates.

Smith College Campus Accessibility Study, Northampton, MA

2000, construction cost: $1,100,000

A comprehensive campus-wide study to develop and prioritize barrier removal and accessibility projects.

Town of Hull, MA Transitional Access Plan

2009, construction cost: $2,300,500

Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan study identifying policies and procedures and required changes; documentation of barriers; and access plan for all town public buildings, major streets, and spaces.

Town of Worthington, MA

2011, construction cost: $890,000

An ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan was carried with CDBG funding to identify barriers and barrier removal solutions in Town Hall and other municipal buildings with schematic drawings for access renovation at Town Hall

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2008, construction cost: n/a

Documentation of barriers and access plan for outside public spaces at the Southwest Dormitory Complex.

Wesleyan University Campus Accessibility Study, Middletown, CT

1996, construction cost: $1,500,000

A comprehensive campus-wide study to develop and prioritize barrier removal and accessibility projects.