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The Alchemist Generates Local-Centric Economic Ripples

alchemist stowe visitors center

A story by Caleigh Cross in the Stowe Reporter describes the wide-ranging benefits that can come from a local-centric commitment to your employees, your region, and your roots. Jen and John Kimmich of The Alchemist “walk the talk” at their new brewery and visitor’s center on Cottage Club Road in Stowe, Vermont, and the impact is spreading.

When The Alchemist brewery opened last July in Stowe, it dropped a big red pin into online maps and GPSs, and beer voyagers began pointing their cars directly for Cottage Club Road. Its Heady Topper lures beer lovers the way the mountain woos skiers.

Those beer lovers — on a busy day, up to 1,200, says Jen Kimmich, who co-owns the operation with her husband — are having a significant impact on the local economy, according to owners of businesses in the Alchemist’s splash zone.

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