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Tree House Brewing Co. Twitter account posting, Jan. 22, 2017, RT’d by partner Nate Lanier @TreeHouseNate, saluting co-owner Damien Goudreau @TreeHouseDamien.

From the Twitter account of proud owner John Kimmich, @alchemistbeer

OK, it’s time to ruthlessly blend some metaphors. In one or two paragraphs, we’re going to connect our architectural firm and its clients, social responsibility, marketing, social media, and the meaning of life. Tight-lipped Yankees from Massachusetts and Vermont, we are not; well, sometimes. Keep in mind these musings are conceptual only and not suitable […]

A recent post on the Seattle-based Build LLC blog seems tailor-made to mesh with our own recent initiatives here at Austin Design Inc. (ADi): to consciously embrace and enhance our place on the web. As architects working in Massachusetts, Vermont, and further afield, we find ourselves grounded in the traditions and disciplines of New England, […]