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Editor of the Reformer: In response to a quote published in “Wilmington home still too big for neighbor,” May 8 — “I don’t think that it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever designed or seen but I think it meets the requirements of what they were trying to do.” Architecture, for me, is not something […]

  It has been a long time since I last wrote about The Idea of Home.  Somehow it is easier to puzzle it out in my head than on paper, so this is an attempt to get back to it: For me, life is very much related to architecture and the mysteries I tackle on […]

This essay by Patrick Kitzmiller, staff designer at Austin Design, kicks off an occasional series featuring the voices and viewpoints here at ADi. As a young architecture student I dreamt of designing homes. They are the first structures that come to mind as we grow, because they are as essential and as a part of […]

Austin Design’s Patrick Kitzmiller was in South Portland last week for a bar mitzvah and brought back a glowing report of the synagogue which hosted the ceremony. Congregation Bet Ha’am‘s temple just off Main Street has caught the eye of the architectural community and recently made a Huffington Post list as one of 50 “stunning” synagogues […]