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Slow Living in Brattleboro, Vermont

latchis slow living brattleboro architecture

The stunningly-restored interior of the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont, host venue for the Strolling of the Heifer’s Slow Living Summit plenary sessions.

Austin Design is fortunate to be practicing architecture in a naturally beautiful and artistically-diverse area, right here in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. Last week, Brattleboro hosted the 13th Annual 2014 edition of the Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont event to end all homegrown New England events. If you haven’t been, you must remedy that situation next June. But the flagship parade of youthful bovines is only the most attention-getting production of this multi-faceted non-profit; it also organizes many other activities devoted to supporting the production and promotion of all things local, especially food and farms, of course, but all with an eye toward better, and fuller,  community-based living.

orly munzing slow living latchis

Strolling of the Heifers Founder and Executive Director Orly Munzing opens the first Slow Living Summit evening at the Latchis Theatre.

One of these related events is the Slow Living Summit, a series of presentations tied to community health, healing, wellness, and happiness. This year it was decided that the plenary sessions would be presented as multi-dimensional storytellings, with the primary speakers being paired with area artists to present a more holistic, mind/body effect. Strolling’s Director Orly Munzing worked with Linda McInerney, the festival’s artistic director, to put the program together. A couple of ADi’s staff attended the opening evening session on June and we are rather pleased to report that two of our clients were on the main stage at the newly restoredLatchis Theatre on lower Main Street. Erica Wheeler, a Colrain neighbor and well-known area singer-songwriter, performed several songs, with the audience contributing inspiration on the final number. Appropriately enough, Erica’s work often centers around the connections between people and places. And Dr. Samantha Eagle, of Biologic Integrative Healthcare, was paired with renowned guitarist John Sheldon and yoga instructor Lindel Hart of Shelburne Falls, for her presentation on The Well Being: Health, Healing, and Community Lifestyle Medicine.

erica wheeler colrain slow living

Erica Wheeler, Colrain-based singer-songwriter and an Austin Design client,  addresses the audience at the Slow Living opener at the Latchis.

samantha eagle biologic interagtive healthcare lindel hart slow living

Dr. Samantha Eagle, of Biologic Integrative Healthcare in Brattleboro, rehearses her presentation with Lindel Hart of Hart Yoga in Shelburne Falls, MA. Austin Design is developing the striking new headquarters for Dr. Eagle’s multi-faceted practice, to be built on Flat Street just across from the Latchis Hotel and Theater’s historic Art Deco structure. Photo by the Brattleboro Reformer.

A Slow Living approach can and should include finding a reconnection with our dwellings, our individual niches in the living landscape. An awareness of these connections is an integral part of the design and function of these most intimate places; Austin Design believes that a  fitting architecture derives from collaboration and understanding, a team approach melding knowledge, passion, and expertise resulting in “Architecture for Enjoying Life.” We’re privileged to be in a region where these values are honored and prevalent. And where they have parades for cows.


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