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Road Trip: Ashfield Stone in Shelburne Falls, MA

Austin Design is creating an addition for a highly individualistic family residence in Colrain, Massachusetts; working with our colleague Joan Rockwell of Joan S. Rockwell & Associates, we’re adding a new kitchen, sunroom sitting area, and an adjoining patio. As part of the architectural specifying process, we made a scouting trip this week, to Ashfield Stone, just down the road in Shelburne Falls, MA; following is a photo essay of our impressions visiting this wonderful enterprise. We are blessed to have such an amazing natural resource so close to home: the folks that operate this local business are welcoming, warm, and knowledgable – it’s a great pleasure to work with them. Check back to this blog as we share various aspects of this bespoke residential addition, developing under the oversight of project manager Bryan Louisell.

ashfield stone galaxy schist wet

The holographic wet surface of Ashfield Stone’s Galaxy schist 

saw blade and kerfed sleepers ashfield stone

A four-foot-diameter diamond blade rests over the kerfed sleepers of the saw table

ashfield stone sawn blocks

Sawn blocks of Ashfield Stone shows the alternating light and dark metamorphic layers

ashfield stone overhead shop crane

The overhead 20-ton crane in the Ashfield Stone fabrication shop

ashfield stone crowsfoot schist

A sawn face of Ashfield Stone’s Crowsfoot schist with its characteristic black hornblende crystals

brandon's diamond polishing pads ashfield stone

Diamond polishing pads rest on a workbench

ashfield stone pillow formation boulder

The interior of a boulder reveals a rare and striking pillow formation

Note: This is the first in a series of  posts about the Bennett residence addition. The second, a look at the material specification process, can be found here.

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