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Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Begin Greenfield Home

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Austin Design’s Helena Balcanoff has managed our pro-bono design work for this local affordable housing project with the Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity chapter. This past weekend, volunteers began framing and raising walls for this hands-on exercise in building community.

Wearing a yellow Habitat for Humanity hard hat Saturday afternoon, 46-year-old Christa Pylant hammered one of the first nails into the outer wall of her future home. After the pounding of the hammer ceased, she turned around to the eager crowd with an excited, proud smile. The onlookers applauded and exclaimed their congratulations before gathering around one of the boards to write their well-wishes in Sharpie.

“Blessings for a peaceful, happy home,” one note read. “Welcome to Greenfield,” read another.

Most likely by next summer, Pylant and her 15-year-old daughter Ilani will move into the two-bedroom, energy efficient home at 33 Smith Street being constructed for them by Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Read the full story by Shelby Ashline in the Greenfield Recorder.

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