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Houzz: An Architectural and Interior Design Storehouse

Inspiration is where you find it and Houzz has got it in spades. This fast-growing website is the leading online resource for visually-driven searches in the architectural and interior design fields. It’s like Pinterest on a single-minded mission: it all revolves around building, remodeling, and decorating a home. Reaching beyond Massachusetts, Vermont, and New England to the worldwide web, Austin Design has a presence on Houzz, of course; we have begun posting our best residential architecture work there for others to appreciate and share with friends and colleagues.

ADi western mass architect on Houzz

Austin Design Inc’s project folders on Houzz; we’ll be adding much more soon. It’s great to see the activity on our profile.

The company was founded by a professional couple in the Bay Area in 2009, frustrated in their own attempts to put together a renovation project; they started Houzz as a means of bridging the communication gap between providers and homeowners, connecting the two through the power of imagery. In just four years, the Palo Alto-based company has grown from a hobby to a full-fledged business, with 120 employees and $48.6 million raised in funding so far, and they’re just getting started.

Austin Design inc at Houzz

Houzz brings together the sources of materials and designs with those who are looking for direction and inspiration to envision a place of their own. Austin Design finds it a great way to put our current and past creations out there for others to enjoy, share, and build upon. In Houzz’s words, “We are a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.”

Basically, this is how it works: building pros (be they manufacturers, designers, architects, or builders) create a profile and upload their work in the form of large format photos. Products, spaces, sketches – all the things that create a sense of place are showcased and described in a well organized and searchable manner. This database, with over 2 million images (the largest residential design repository on the web!) is searched by 15 million users every month, looking for virtual clippings for their project inspiration scrapbooks.

Heath, Massachusetts pool house on Houzz

A beautiful image from ADi’s photoset on Houzz: “Heath Country Home.” This has been added to 49 different ideabooks!

Here’s where it gets interesting: these finds are compiled into “idea books” which can be shared and commented upon. Questions may be asked of the professionals that posted the photos, individual products can be identified and priced, local dealers or service providers can be sourced and contacted. It’s an excellent opportunity for a residential architect or designer to join over 250,000 other professionals and “let their light shine” and share their passions and portfolios. Take a moment and check out the Austin Design profile, if you would, leave a comment and spread the love. Be careful – it’s addictive!

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