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Pricing / Progress Plans


hermitageclub003NOTE: These documents are provided for preliminary pricing / review only and are subject to ongoing design development.

Refer to the ‘Base Line’ drawings on the main Download Page for additional building information.

Base Lodge Progress Drawings:

Hermitage Club – Mechanical 10-15-13.pdf

Mechanical Specifications.pdf


Hermitage – Electrical 2013-10-03.pdf

2013-10-03 Hermitage Club Lodge lighting fixture schedule.xls


hermitageclub006 Hermitage – Fire Alarm 2013-10-03.pdf


Hermitage – Plumbing 2013-10-03.pdf

Plumbing Specifications.pdf


Hermitage – Fire Protection 2013-10-03.pdf

2013-10-31 The Hermitage Club – Base Lodge 07 RCP progress.pdf


2013-06-28 The Hermitage Club – Base Lodge – Roof Pricing Set.pdf