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Fox Farm Brewery: From Dairy Farm To ‘Far-Flung Dream’

fox farm beer sample

Half a century ago, the dairy barn on a 30-acre farm on Salem’s Music Vale Road was filled with cows. Years passed and the farming operation fizzled, then the barn sat idle for nearly three decades.

That was until an ambitious couple bought the farm in 2012 with aspirations to transform it into a brewery. Zack Adams and his wife, Laura, built their home on the property, had children, and in 2015, started to convert the dairy barn into what Zack calls a “far-flung” dream. “A lot of pieces had to come together. It was a huge unknown to see if the town would be receptive to this, and even if the building itself was suited for it,” Adams says. “There were a lot of major enhancements we needed to make, to make this conducive to this operation.”

fox farm tasting room salem ct

In May 2017, after renovating the barn to accommodate brewing equipment and an attractive, light-filled taproom, the Adams introduced Fox Farm Brewery to the small southeastern Connecticut town of just over 4,000. “We’ve been blown away by the reception,” Adams says. “Building this in Salem, we didn’t know how people would travel, and then certainly it’s a small town. “We’ve also been very shocked by the local support and what that means as a foundation for our tasting room business. It’s been remarkable.”

Read the full feature by Leanne Griffin in the Hartford Courant.

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