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Embeddable 3D Sketchfab Architectural Models

Austin Design has just added two more three-dimensional Sketchfab models to our architectural firm’s website: a compact cabin and a full-sized residence. We’re quite pleased to be able to add this brand-new sharing and visualizing resource to our toolbox. Sketchfab’s interactive viewer is a valuable addition to our ability to communicate with our clients and to share our residential and commercial work with the architectural community at large. We’re planning on building out this feature on the site with even more 3D models soon – tip: look under the “Play” category. Try it out right here!

Miller Residence from Austin Design Inc on Sketchfab.  See more of the Miller Residence on the website project page.

Sketchfab’s most appealing aspect is its sheer usability across a broad spectrum of creators, platforms, and viewers. Putting it frankly, the start-up software company has positioned itself as “the Youtube of 3D models.” Files created within 27 different 3D rendering formats can be uploaded by their creators to a Sketchfab account and archived there, ready to be shared with a very simple embeddable link. In the words of Sketchfab CEO and co-founder Alban Denoyel, from a personal email Austin Design recently received, he emphasized that “you can embed your Sketchfab models interactively in any web page.” The viewer need only click on the link and the model is downloaded on the user’s browser (most are supported), to be experienced interactively on any computer; no plugin or proprietary program needed. It makes ADi’s ability to communicate graphically with our clients a much simpler and enjoyable proposition.

team sketchfab alban denoyel cedric pinson

Team Sketchfab‘s Alban Denoyel and Cédric Pinson.

This application promises to revolutionize the modeling and prototyping industry. What with the quick growth of 3D printing, interactive computer simulations, open-sourcing, and a global sharing network, more and more people will be able to participate in the creative process. Our resident Sketchfab model expert – dare we say “geek”? – is Bryan Louisell; if you have any questions or comments, let him know through the Austin Design contact page or through comments to this blog post. Stop in and check out our 3D Model page (under Play) on the website when you have a chance and take a tour of our latest project postings. Bet you can’t try just one!

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