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Connect the Dots: 3D Printing and Architectural Models

Guiding principles can be timely as well as timeless: doing more with less, integrating for efficiency,  embracing appropriate innovation. It’s good to keep one’s finger on the pulse and read the winds of change. Novelty may pass or mature into relevancy – one of these these transitioning technologies has been 3D printing. With the advent of simple sharing mechanisms exemplified by Sketchfab, architectural modeling is taking a great leap forward.

A recent graphic example is the “3D Printing Challenge” that was organized by ArchDaily, partnering with Gigabot, a large-scale three-dimensional printer, and Sketchfab, a brand-new embeddable 3D file sharing and viewing platform. Entrants were charged with modeling an example chosen from the Arch Daily Classics and posting it on their account at Sketchfab. Two winners were chosen and their models were printed with the Gigabot – the prizes were the 3D-printed results, mailed to wherever the winners resided.

Screen Shot ArchDaily 3D Challenge

We’ve been busy connecting the dots here at Austin Design Inc, taking some time to plot our course forward and see where the future of architectural design might take us. The physical restrictions of being a small New England residential and commercial architecture firm in are being removed; although ADi’s offices are housed in a 100-year-old schoolhouse in western Massachusetts, we can operate in the world-at-large, using “smart” tools and the web. We are posting interactive 3D models through Sketchfab on our completely rebuilt website – there are three examples already on the page. We have just acquired a new toy tool also – our very own 3D printer, a Makerbot Replicator 2! Change is in the air in this Colrain schoolhouse – the learning never ends, does it? – and the excitement is contagious. Keep checking in on our adventures and we promise to keep it fun and fascinating.

makerbot replicator 2

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