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The Alchemist Generates Local-Centric Economic Ripples

alchemist stowe visitors center

A story by Caleigh Cross in the Stowe Reporter describes the wide-ranging benefits that can come from a local-centric commitment to your employees, your region, and your roots. Jen and John Kimmich of The Alchemist “walk the talk” at their new brewery and visitor’s center on Cottage Club Road in Stowe, Vermont, and the impact is spreading.

When The Alchemist brewery opened last July in Stowe, it dropped a big red pin into online maps and GPSs, and beer voyagers began pointing their cars directly for Cottage Club Road. Its Heady Topper lures beer lovers the way the mountain woos skiers.

Those beer lovers — on a busy day, up to 1,200, says Jen Kimmich, who co-owns the operation with her husband — are having a significant impact on the local economy, according to owners of businesses in the Alchemist’s splash zone.

    Portland, OR: Miller-Sealy Residence Sparkles in the Snow

    miller residence portland oregon

     The compound ringing the courtyard of Austin Design’s recently completed Miller-Sealy residence in Portland, Oregon, snugly shelters its occupants from last week’s big storm.

      Alchemist Awesomeness

      alchemist night kimmich twitter

      From the Twitter account of proud owner John Kimmich, @alchemistbeer

        A Tree House in the Charlton Woods


        Tree House Brewing’s new facility is taking form, rising from the forested hillside in Charlton, MA. With the aid of a 12-ton crane, the primary steel frame is going up quickly on a clean, well-managed site just south of the Mass Turnpike, seen in this drone shot  from yesterday – November 1, 2016.

          Getting Tree House Off the Ground in Charlton, MA






          Progress photos from Tree House Brewing’s new facility, just getting out of the ground in Charlton, MA – taken in mid-October by Tom Chalmers. The access road is laid out and the foundation nearly complete. The concrete crew is pulling out this week and the primary steel frame begins to arrive onsite next week.

            Meanwhile, Far Away in Inverness, Scotland


            Bill and Joan have been abroad, enjoying themselves amidst the grand scenery and ancient traditions of Scotland. Above, St. Andrew’s Cathedral on the River Ness, which links the Beauly and Moray Firths with the famous Loch Ness.


            Exploring Bill’s ancestral roots necessarily requires a bit of work-related research into the local brew, in this case Caledonia’s Best, by Tennent’s. Here’s tae ye!

              Guilford, Vermont’s Black Barn Arts Campus

              black barn arts campus guilford vtA view of the main farmyard complex at the [in-process] Black Barn Arts Campus in Guilford, Vermont. The farmstead contains an assemblage of historic buildings variously restored, rebuilt, and re-envisioned. It is the brainchild of artist and builder Daniel Kornguth, who, with his fiancee and his mother, is creating a family compound and residency/performance center for others of like mind. ADi’s Bryan Louisell has been working with Daniel on this project for over two years now; the Blacksmith Cottage is another part of this evolving enterprise. Watch here for more to come.

              blacksmith shop house guilford vt architecture


                Words and Images from the New Alchemist in Stowe




                 From All About Beer Magazine: an insider interview with John Kimmich of The Alchemist, on the occasion of the opening of the new facility in Stowe, VT.

                  Boston Globe (Stowe)kes The Alchemist Opening Rumors

                  Kimmich Alchemist July 1

                   The new brewery in Stowe; photo by Jen Kimmich of The Alchemist, via Boston Globe, design by ADi.

                  Rumor has it the lines will begin forming this Friday on Cottage Club Road in Stowe, Vermont. According to the Boston Globe: “We’ll probably just open up one day,” says Jen Kimmich, in a what-may-be-futile attempt to control the hype. This time around, there is plenty of parking and room to spread out on the grounds. Full story here. Look at that green grass – Never mind, look at that spiffy structure! And here’s a fitting, parting shot John Kimmich shared on his Twitter feed a couple weeks ago:

                  john kimmich alchemist rainbow

                  Taste the rainbow.

                    Happiness Is A Bigger Tree House

                    tree house brewing charlton site nov 2015

                    The Charlton, MA site chosen for Tree House Brewing‘s new production facility and visitor’s center, as it looked on our first visit in November 2015.

                    With The Alchemist ready to throw open the doors on their new brewery in Stowe, VT, Austin Design is delighted to announce that we are well underway with planning for the new Tree House Brewing Co. facility in Charlton, MA. Stay tuned for updates and details. A good article from the Worcester Telegram covers the basics of the early process here.