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Architectural Firms, The Web, And Social Media

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A recent post on the Seattle-based Build LLC blog seems tailor-made to mesh with our own recent initiatives here at Austin Design Inc. (ADi): to consciously embrace and enhance our place on the web. As architects working in Massachusetts, Vermont, and further afield, we find ourselves grounded in the traditions and disciplines of New England, while practicing an always-progressive, evolving craft. Our daily work, in the form of our client consultations and design solutions, seeks to find the best answers to the essential questions. It’s the “right place at the right time” scenario: through collaboration, communication, and innovation ADi seeks to deliver “architecture for enjoying life.” We aim to meet our client-partners on their own turf, to put ourselves in their shoes, and to build a mutually satisfying relationship.

Austin Design inc at Houzz

One of the means by which Austin Design can facilitate this goal is to be visible, available, and helpful. We want to be seen as a resource for ideas, as experienced and capable advisors to our customers and friends whether their needs are small or grand, a family residence or a full-scale resort complex. This requires ADi to be where the people are: on the web – whether searching for information or sharing on social sites with peers. Recognizing the imperative for a solid foundation, we started with our all-new Austin Design Inc. website and, like Build LLC, we are supporting that anchor with outposts on several other social channels. This blog will feature substantial and timely articles on many topics, both in-house and abroad. Our Facebook page will carry on the daily conversations and acknowledgments and our Twitter account can augment in a more spontaneous fashion. Our accounts at other web properties such as Houzz will function as reference libraries of projects and details that can inspire others. We hope you’ll follow us and join in on the discussion as you are able.

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As a recap, the Build Blog article, titled “Social Media in the Post-recession Economy” listed 5 simple priorities for their web presence, with which we identify closely. Here they are:

  1. An image-driven home site: share-able and search-able, up-to-date and concise.
  2. A company blog:  our thoughts and actions, conversant and helpful.
  3. Facebook page: timely and human-scaled sharing and commenting.
  4. Twitter: a finger on the pulse of the moment.
  5. Portfolio sites: Houzz, Flickr, etc. to put all of that design goodness out there for everyone.

Check! on all five items. It’s a work in progress, as with all projects. Stop in and see what’s happening and let us know your thoughts.

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